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In this section you will be able to consult the most frequently asked questions that our patients ask us. If you have any other questions or suggestions for improving our service, please contact us by filling in the form or by sending us an e-mail at

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Salus Alpe Adria offers its patients the utmost safety in the practice of medicine and surgery, therapeutic treatments and care thanks to the adaptation of the facility to the highest quality standards, in accordance with the trends of an ever-evolving medical science and a more aware and demanding user base.

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What should I do before surgery?
Practice thorough body hygiene, in particular shower and shampoo the day before surgery. Remove nail varnish from nails. On the evening before surgery, eat a light dinner before 8 p.m. and remain fasting from midnight. On the day of surgery, please report to the Salus Alpe Adria Eye Clinic staff, accompanied by a family member or trusted person. Usual medication can be taken as usual, unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor. The surgeon and nurse will be available for any needs until discharge. What to bring - if wearing dentures, a special container; - a pair of sunglasses. Do not bring jewellery or valuables.
What should I do after cataract surgery?
- If the operated eye is painful, we advise you to take your usual pain-relieving medication. - It is absolutely forbidden to rub the operated eye for the first month. - It is important that the patient or family member wash their hands thoroughly before applying eye drops. - The eye drops must be applied to the inside of the lower eyelid: to do this, gently lower the eyelid with a finger and instill one or two drops of eye drops. CAUTION: Do not apply pressure to the newly operated eye. When there are more than one eye drops, apply them at an interval of at least ten minutes apart. - Clean the eyelids of the operated eye with sterile gauze soaked in lukewarm or cold boiled water (from the inside out), without applying pressure to the eye. - During the day: protect the eye with sunglasses until the light does not cause discomfort. During the night: protect the eye with the shell that is delivered. The shell should be washed with soap and water every day and used for a fortnight after discharge. - Take medication as prescribed by the ophthalmologist. - Do not exert yourself excessively, especially if violent and sudden. - From the first day after surgery it is permitted to: read, writing, watching television, taking a shower or bath while protecting the operated eye. To wash your hair, wait at least 2-3 days after the operation. - Beards may also be trimmed on the first day.
How can I use the accreditation service for eye examinations?
A referral from an internal or external ophthalmic specialist, or another non-ophthalmic physician, is required to use the accreditation service. 1. You can call the single regional number 0434 223522 and ask for a referral to Salus Alpe Adria. 2. You can contact the Salus Alpe Adria CUP or pharmacies and ask for an examination at Salus Alpe Adria. Private eye examinations do not require a referral, just call the secretariat and make an appointment. In this way you can choose the doctor on the day and time you prefer, and the waiting time is a few days.

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